Make Small Changes to Your Every Day Habits for Results

By Margo Donohue from BrooklynFitChick

My favorite time of the year is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I know—not the most original thing to say but there you go! Like many people I really give my kitchen a workout at that time baking batches of my famous “Cranberry Cornbread” and chocolate brownies which are not exactly on my diet the rest of the year. In fact, I am rather disciplined about what I eat and when but as soon as I see those holiday decorations being put on my street I lose my focus and go right into “sweets mode.”

One of the items that saves me is my heart rate watch. My Polar watch measures not only how fast my heart is beating but also the calorie count after each workout. When my workout time is compromised I make sure to move as often as possible. And what better than to keep on top of the calories I am burning throughout the day shopping, cooking, cleaning on top of my work schedule!

My standing desk is also a lifesaver during the holidays. I work as a consultant and used to spend quite a few hours per day sitting with terrible posture. No matter how much you work out, sitting all day can undo all of your good work and new research supports that. In fact, sitting has become an alarming situation for doctors who are finding out that folks who sit all day are more inclined to have health problems versus those who stand all day at their jobs.

So if I can stand and do my job—I do it. A good way to start that is every time you take a phone call, do it standing up. Little changes added onto your daily habits will bring on big results!

Lastly, I am a big fan of Weight Watchers and recommend their site as a way to keep track of your calorie and exercise.

That’s all I have today. I hope your holiday season is fun, festive and healthy!


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