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Obama’s Contenders for White House Chef

Now that victory has come and gone for President-elect Barack Obama, it’s time for him to start looking ahead and contemplating heavy decisions that are facing our nation’s new leader.

There’s the economy, two wars, precarious relations with Iran and Pakistan. And there’s this: who is going to be cooking the meals in the White House next year?

I know, it’s a pressing issue that will be a defining moment in Obama’s first term. So, who is in the running?

The New York Daily News reported last weekend that there are three chefs under consideration for the Obamas’ White House chef. They are former Oprah chef Art Smith, authentic Mexican chef Rick Bayless (not sure who has the corner on inauthentic chef), and NBA star Carmelo Anthony’s personal chef, Daniel Young.

Since this report, Rick Bayless has denied the rumors. So who could it be? Check out this video report on the role of the White House chef:

Obama could be a contender for the job. Check out his personal chili recipe.

November 14th, 2008