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Diet to Go Review: Frozen Meal Delivery Service

diettogoRecently I was provided with two weeks worth of meals from Diet to Go, a meal delivery service. Last week I reviewed the week of Diet to Go’s fresh prepared foods, and this week I’ll be discussing the frozen meal delivery option. (As a reminder, Diet to Go offers two calorie levels for weight loss – 1200 and 1600 calories a day; as well as three meal plans – low-fat, traditional, vegetarian, and low-carb. After looking over the menu choices, I chose the 1600 calorie a day version of the low-fat option.)

The meals arrived packed on dry ice and very cold, and I popped them right into my freezer. The portions seemed to be quite large and I looked forward to being able to sample them. Much of the food was vacuum packed and all of it appeared to be very fresh and appetizing.

The first meal I sampled was turkey Salisbury steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, and whole green beans. I microwaved it and within five minutes I was sitting down to a hot, fresh, perfectly seasoned meal that completely satisfied me. It was filling, and in fact, I didn’t even finish the potatoes. My usual meal choices might involve a Lean Cuisine or other frozen meal, and I’m often left still hungry and scouring the kitchen an hour later. The Diet to Go meal removed that action from my life.

Diet to Go meals: Beef short rib with green bean blend

Diet to Go meals: Beef short rib with green bean blend

Other meals of mention include the Tuscan potato boats, which were offered with a low-fat drinkable yogurt, and the blackened turkey loin with carrot chipotle puree. The curried shrimp with basmati rice was especially memorable, with large shrimp in a more than adequate quantity. I’m not a fan of chicken Brunswick stew, but even with a meal I didn’t especially care for, I was impressed with the quantity of high quality meat and the size of the ingredients. No minced meat, no veggie shreds. While some meals contained whole vegetable chunks and large pieces of easily recognizable meat, the veggie portions on others were sparse.

One caveat: all of the meals contain directions to microwave, but a few of the meals would have been much tastier had they baked in an oven. The veal cutlet in particular, and the veggie pizza had excellent flavor but the texture of the meal suffered in the microwave. I learned my lesson and the next meal I prepared, the stuffed shells, surpassed my expectations. I’d really recommend taking the time to defrost the meals in the refrigerator, as the site recommends, and then taking the time to bake them. You’ll be glad that you did.

I neglected to mention in my prior review one of the small details that impressed me with Diet to Go meal delivery service. Each meal container was marked with a motivational thought – and more than a few of those motivational thoughts have stayed with me. A little philosophy makes a meal that much more enjoyable.

All in all, this week of frozen prepared meals was just as enjoyable as the fresh prepared, and I’d highly recommend the purchase of them. It’s nice to know that your meal is both tasty and healthy, and convenient to boot.

Try Diet to Go for yourself and Save $20 on your first order!

While Diet to Go provided Carmen with sample product, this review is her own opinion and was not influenced or sponsored in any way.

November 3rd, 2009

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hi my name is juliet and i was on jenny craig but the food was horrible and felt starved and i really dont want to go back but i want to go back on a diet and can never keep up with one on my own. I was wondering if you would recomend it for someone who is 17 and wants a diet that has real meat and is fresh?

posted Mar 1st, 2010 4:23 am


Thanks for your input. Overall, I think that Diet To Go offers a convenient, healthy alternative to typical frozen meals.

posted Nov 3rd, 2009 1:27 pm


I tried them a couple years ago. I chose VEGETARIAN, as I hate reheated chicken/turkey, and the low-fat and low-carb would mean reheating poultry, which makes me GAG.

The vegetarian includes some really nice choices (some of which you sampled), and I was especially fond of the stuffed shells, mac n cheese, greek wrap with feta and black bean, ravioli, and the sandwich that had pesto. I did not like their spaghetti or tamale pie or the soy items. The breakfast omelettes and pancakes were terrific (the waffle less so). The blueberry and apple pancakes were such a treat, and I could have had the omelettes every day. I did find that I preferred oven-cooking most of the meals, especially anything with bread--pizza, wraps, etc. The little desserts with some of the meals --mandarin pudding, chocolate mousse--were nice special treats.

I think for a diet delivery, they are pretty affordable and the vegetarian option is decent tasting. The problem with the yogurt made me substitute those dinners (some yogurts were near expiration and due to being frozen, didn't defrost too well).

If I got really, really lazy, I'd try thema gain. But I would hope for a reliable, affordable, and tasty local service to spring up, so I don't have to rely on frozen meals. (I've tried several, and they are either not dependable or don't taste so great or use too much chicken and make me gag to reheat).

The P

posted Nov 3rd, 2009 10:33 am


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