Weight Loss News In Review – Week of October 11

Each week, DietsInReview.com will recap the hottest headlines in weight loss, diet and health news to keep you informed of news you can really use.witch treats

Healthy Halloween Recipes for Kids

Ditch the candy apples, candy bars and cupcakes for some treats that are just as funky, but not nearly as packed with sugar and fat. Plus, they’re super fun to make!

Five Healthiest Foods for Fall

There is a bounty of wholesome foods that are in season now and offer a wealth of health benefits.

Top 10 Fittest Cities in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. leads the ten fittest cities, being recognized for the healthy, active lives its citizens lead.

The Mathematics of Weight Loss

With the simple science that weight loss comes down to calories in and calories out, learn some simple tricks for how to reduce calorie consumption and increase calorie burn.

Biggest Loser “Where Are They Now” Special Airs Thanksgiving Weekjillian michaels and bob harper

Tune-in to see more than 40 previous contestants, how they’re living today and further accomplishments since the show.

Jillian Michaels Not Training Celebrities, Only Regular People

The Biggest Loser trainer clarifies rumors that she is working with Hollywood celebrities, making clear she’s only interested in the health of regular people.

We Love Fiber One Yoplait Yogurt and Coupon Giveaway

We’ve tried thew new yogurt from Yoplait and liked it so much we couldn’t wait to tell you about it. And the first 50 readers can try it for free, too!

Sneaking Vegetables Into Food Cheats Kids

Our Chief Mom shares how we’re not doing our kids any favors by sneaking cauliflower purees and the like into their pasta, brownies and other foods.

New Diet Reviews – Now with more than 1000 diet reviews!

Don’t see what you like? Try our brand-new Diet Finder to find the one that’s right for you.

New Diet Videos and Diet Slideshows


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