The Biggest Loser Resort Offers Weight Loss Vacations

If your ideal vacation is a place where you can take in the beauty of the mountains, dine on healthy, chef-prepared meals, make new friends and have so much fun while exercising that you don’t even know you’re working out, then call your travel agent and book your next vacation to the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.


Located in scenic Utah just about 90 minutes from Las Vegas, this healthy getaway is closely mirrored after The Biggest Loser reality series with its calorie-controlled meals, fitness-filled itinerary and supportive team of personal trainers, health-conscious chefs and helpful dietitians. The only things missing are the occasional cursing rants from Jillian and the omnipresent camera crew.

As more and more vacation resorts transition from lazy oases to wellness-inspired getaways, folks who find themselves with accumulated vacation time, a modest rainy-day slush fund and a few extra pounds around the waist are turning to destination spots like The Biggest Loser Resort to not just get away from the daily grind but to renew, recharge and take control of their health.biggest loser resort

The Biggest Loser Resort offers week-long stays for adults and teenagers. Guests can stay in private or semi-private rooms or they can find accommodations in nearby Ivins or St. George. In addition to the state-of-the-art gyms, outdoor swimming pool and aerobic room, you can hit Zion National Park or hop in the car on your free day and head for the Grand Canyon.

Here is DietsInReview’s complete review of The Biggest Loser Resort.

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