Lemon Juice Diet Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

The Lemon Juice Diet is a weight loss detox plan that claims to be a safe and nutritious way to promote overall health. Although similar to the popular fad diet Master Cleanse, Lemon Juice Diet claims it’s made for long-term benefits.

Information about this diet is available in the official book. Some claimed benefits include improved immune function, reduced cholesterol, metabolism boosting, and enhanced brain function. There are also recipes and exercise tips offered. The official book has a total of 224 pages and is said to be a functional solution to real weight loss results. Our review experts have rated many diets and they’ve concluded the best for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet. It’s made up of a fat burning diet pill and a meal replacement which can suppress appetite for hours. Learn more information about the 18Shake Diet by clicking on the link cited here.

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Lemon Juice Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

The diet starts with a 24-hour detox which is similar to Master Cleanse. It calls for homemade lemonade, lemon peel, filtered water, cinnamon, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.

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Organic yogurt, unsalted seeds and nuts, fruit, vegetables, fish, and pulses are allowed. Then after this 24 hour plan it’s advised to follow the seven day plan that consists of:

  • Day 1: The morning starts with 6 to 8 glasses of filtered water and lemon juice. This is to help promote a healthy digestive system.
  • Day 2: Five portions of vegetable and fruit are needed to help burn fat and improve weight loss.
  • Day 3: 2 teaspoons of lemon juice should be added to food. This is important for regulating blood sugar. Protein rich foods are advised at each meal with high fiber and healthy carbohydrates.
  • Day 4: It’s advised to limit the consumption of processed sugar.
  • Day 5: It’s advised to limit fats to only 20 to 25% of one’s diet. Also, fats eaten should be from healthy sources such as fish, nuts, and seeds. No trans fat such as the one’s found in pastries or saturated fats like the one’s in meat are allowed.
  • Day 6: No wholegrain carbohydrates are allowed at night in order to prevent excess calories and bloating. Instead fruit, vegetables and pulses are advised through the day.
  • Day 7: It’s advised to help the body improve digestion by performing heathy lifestyle tips. This includes reducing stress, sitting own when eating, chewing food thoroughly, not eating when bored or tired, waiting around 20 minutes before deciding to eat more, and not watching TV while eating.

Once all this is finished it’s advised to continue following these eating habits. There is an advised limit on red meats, and it’s advised to avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks, coffee, alcohol, processed foods, and sugar. It’s also recommended to invite as many organic foods as possible.

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The idea of a 24 hour cleanse has not been proven to be an effective or necessary solution for health and weight loss. Furthermore, drinking that much lemon juice can lead to side effects that include:

  • Nausea, throat irritation, and damage to the esophagus.
  • Stomach pain, indigestion, and low blood sugar.

Live Strong.com has also mentioned that there are possible sides effects from this cleanse:

“Though… initial weight loss may be exiting and motivating, it’s probably not body fat that you’re losing, but instead water and maybe some muscle”

 They also mention other side effects:

“the acidity in lemon juice can damage your tooth enamel”

 There are many potential concerns one needs to worry about when on this diet.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake ffor better results.

Lemon Juice Diet Quality of Ingredients

Some of the recommendations for foods are healthy. Eating more nutritious vegetables, fruits, and whole foods is a good way to promote overall health.

The issue is with the initial 24 hour cleansing. This has not been proven to be a safe and effective method for achieving weight loss. It’s also been shown by health organizations to be a fad diet. There’s no need for the body to search for a detox formula, as our organs already perform this task. Furthermore, it may produce many side effects and no actual weight loss. It’s been shown that any weight loss is likely both water weight and muscle.

It can also be difficult to add so much lemon to one’s diet. This may lead to side effects such as damaged too enamel, nausea, burning in the throat and esophagus, indigestion, and other side effects.

Furthermore, the specific requirements for the day are not explained. It seems that what’ advised was chosen at random. No insight into why it’s so specific is ever offered. This makes it impossible to judge if it’s truly a scientifically proven way to help promote weight loss.

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The Price and Quality of Lemon Juice Diet

The book itself retails for $6.00 on Amazon.com at the time of this writing. Other considerations are of the price paid for all the lemons and whole foods.

It’s highly advised to get organic foods as much as possible, which can also be considerably more expensive.

The diet also emphasizes cleaning the body for 24 hours and making sure to eat nutritious foods. There’s no argument in eating healthier, but there isn’t enough support to ensure that this will lead to weight loss. One can still easily over eat whole foods and have a caloric surplus.

A big issue with this diet is the claim that a detox formula is needed. There is no evidence to support the idea that one needs to do this for optimized health. It can lead to nutritional deficiencies and side effects if one is not careful. This makes the Lemon Juice Diet an overall very poor option for weight loss. It’s unlikely to produce any potent weight loss, and it may actually lead to side effects.

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Business of Lemon Juice Diet

The creator of the diet is Theresa Cheung. She is a writer who discusses women’s health, nutrition, and lifestyle issues. She has a degree in theology, but not in any nutrition or field which would show she knows about weight loss.

No evidence is available in the book to help prove the diet would be safe and effective to use.

Customer Opinions of Lemon Juice Diet

Very few reviews are available from people who have tried this diet. Featured below are some direct quotes taken from customers:

“This book left a sour taste in my mouth because there is no substance to the book”

“really I didn’t think it was a help”

“This book is just another diet book”

“I found it so extreme and inconvenient that I just couldn’t justify continuing”

From the few available customer experiences it’s clear that many found it unusable. People did mention it was better than the master cleanse, but there was also concern about the lack of proof.

Certain people couldn’t follow the diet due to the side effects. Complaints included fatigue, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. Learn which weight loss diets were rated as the best overall by clicking on the link cited.

How Does Lemon Juice Diet Compare?
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  • Cheap Price
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  • Lemon Juice Diet
  • 34 /100
Conclusion – Does Lemon Juice Diet Work?

The Lemon Juice Diet offers a twist on the master cleanse and is intended to be a long lasting solution for overall health. While it’s also claimed to help support weight loss, no evidence is provided by customer reviews or any clinical studies. The belief is that by using this diet it will detoxify the body and aid in wellness. This has been debunked as the body is capable of cleansing itself. It may potentially cause numerous side effects due to the initial 24 hour cleanse. There is no evidence that this is a safe and effective weight loss solution, and in fact the creator has no degree in nutrition.

Our review experts analyze many kinds of weight loss diets, but t the most effective overall is the 18Shake Diet. It offers an appetite suppressing meal replacement and a fat burning diet pill. These two combined help to maximize weight loss by increasing metabolism, making calorie burning easier, and all with pure ingredients. There are no stimulants, preservatives, colors, binders, artificial additives, or any unwanted ingredients. The meal replacement has a full vitamin and mineral profile, while the diet pill has natural plant extracts that have been clinically studied.

It’s also manufactured in a certified GMP, third party reviewed website. This ensures quality for every ingredient made. Customers have also raved about the benefits and there are numerous positive reviews and testimonials to showcase their weight loss results. Learn more information about the 18Shake Diet by clicking on the link provided.

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