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Interview with Phillip Parham, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 7

First it was the missus, now it’s the mister. One of the most beloved couples on Biggest Loser this season has finally left the ranch, with Phil‘s elimination last night. He really seemed to struggle the week following Amy‘s elimination- and that’s both an observation and a fact quoted by him. He arrived home in South Carolina on their 25th wedding anniversary. So his mind was obviously in a different place, being separated from her.

He was still never one to slack, and put all he had into those workouts. You couldn’t help but feel a little sorry watching Phil this week, though. He said he felt very isolated on the ranch and that there was no one he could trust. Even after his team supported him after the blue team ambush in which Heba called out Phil’s animosity toward her, he still felt like a fourth wheel on that time.

Phil did own up and admitted to this conversation with Brady that took place on the basketball court. He was trying to find out if there was any wiggle room in the alliance between Heba, Vicky and Brady, that would allow for Amy to stay should she come up for elimination.

On top of the 106 total pounds Phil has lost since starting the Biggest Loser, he’s also lost all of his hair! He says both he and Amy have made dramatic transformations and since nothing was going to grow on the “cul-de-sac,” he decided to get rid of it.

October 29th, 2008