Habitwise: Jewelry that Makes Healthy Living a Habit

We have often thought to ourselves: “If only I had a constant health angel on my shoulder gently nudging me to choose the broccoli over the potatoes au gratin or the treadmill over happy hour, then I’d be (you fill in the blank).”habitwise

Making healthy behaviors knee-jerk reactions takes time, dedication and practice. And that is just what the people over at Habitwise are helping you do: Supporting you to make better decisions today for a healthier tomorrow.

Habitwise is a line of easy-to-wear products that make healthy a habit. What first began as a simple weight loss tool named A-Wrist-A-Trac, which was discovered by a team of clinicians at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, has now grown to a line of products for women, men and kids.

The weight loss Get Loss bracelets are worn every day by women and kids and the Get Loss coins are slipped in a man’s pocket as a daily reminder to eat better, watch portions or keep track of calories.

Habitwise currently has three different products: Get Loss bracelets or coins for men and women, Get Tracking bracelets for kids, and Get Wet bracelets or coins for adults. The latter is to inspire drinking enough water throughout the day. Rumored to be coming are Get Fit and Get Comfort products designed to help you keep moving and reduce stress.

But these aren’t just any bracelets like the lemon-yellow LiveStrong rubber wrist bands. Habitwise bracelets work like this: You receive 30 bracelets in seven different colors. Each color (and number) corresponds to a food group – blue (8) is water, pink (3) is fruits, yellow (2) is oils or fats, green (6) is vegetables and so on.

habitwise braceletsIf you follow the Habitwise program to lose weight, you have two choices: Each time you eat a serving from one group, you move the corresponding colored bracelet to your opposite wrist (or opposite pocket for coins). When you have moved all the bracelets, you have successfully eaten your recommended food groups for the day.

Option Two is that you can use the same bracelets as a way to count calories or points. Each bracelet corresponds to 50 calories making all 30 bracelets a 1,500-calorie diet; or if you want to cut back to 1, 200 calories, then you only wear 24 bracelets. You’ll also need to use a reliable calorie counting source for this option as you calculate portion sizes and calories. For instance, if you eat an apple, which contains about 100 calories, you’ll move two bracelets from one wrist to the other; Nosh on an English muffin with one tablespoon of peanut butter (approximately 200 calories) and move four bracelets over to the opposite wrist.

When all of your bracelets are moved to the opposite wrist, you have used up your daily allowance of calories.

Plus, Habitwise bracelets are fun to wear and the array of colors compliment any outfit. If you are someone who needs minute-to-minute reminders about living healthier, the Habitwise products might just make your health dream a genuine achievement.

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