10 Simple Ways to a Healthier You

Being healthy isn’t all about just hitting the gym and eating right, although it helps; there is much more involved in the health equation. It is recommended that you get at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day at least five days per week. I understand that exercising is a huge time commitment and that life is busy, but try to follow the recommendations the best you can.healthy family

Remember, if you are not breaking a sweat, you are not working hard enough!

So, putting exercise aside, being healthy mentally and physically requires a lot more than just getting the heart rate up. Below are 10 simple ways to a healthier you! Each of the following will help increase your energy levels and in turn, better workouts and more productive days will be the result.

  1. Rest: Get six to eight hours of sleep a night
  2. See the Doctor: Schedule regular doctor/dentist visits
  3. Relax: Find time to relax and enjoy life
  4. Be More Active: Find ways to get the heart rate up more throughout the day, in addition to exercising
  5. Laugh: Find time to laugh
  6. Eliminate Stress: Avoid stressful situations and try not to worry as much
  7. Help Someone: Giving back has been proven to offer health rewards
  8. Get a Hobby: Can help you enjoy life more as well as reduce stress levels
  9. Try Something New: Try something new each week or weekend (dancing, hiking, etc.)
  10. Smile: Reduces stress and it seems to be contagious

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