Weight Loss News In Review – Week of August 30

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jillian michaels and bob harperJillian Michaels and Bob Harper Discuss Biggest Loser 8

The Biggest Loser trainers spoke with DietsInReview.com about the upcoming season, what we can expect to be different, and how their relationship changes this season. You’ll also hear about two very inspiring contestants.

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Interview with Dance Your Ass Off Winner, Ruben

After spending most of the season losing (more than 70 pounds that is), Ruben won the dance-off weight loss show and spoke to DietsInReview.com about his journey.

Mediterranean Diet Helps Diabetics

New research shows another reason the Mediterranean Diet is beneficial to overall health, as it now may help those with type 2 diabetes control the disease without medication.

How to Healthyfully Handle Food Cravings

We all get them, but it’s how we handle cravings that makes us each different. Our dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield explains how to manage cravings in a way that won’t set you back in your diet.weight watchers lose for good

Join Weight Watchers Lose for Good

This fall promotion will donate a pound of food to a hunger organization for every pound you lose on the program. Everyone wins!

Obese People More Likely to be in Debt

According to new research out of Germany, people who are having debt problems are more likely to be heavy.

How to Cut Sugar and Sweets from Your Diet

The American Heart Association says our sugar consumption is out of control. Per their advice to “slash, slash, slash,” here are some approachable ways you can reduce sugar in your diet.

New Diet Reviews

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New Diet Videos

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