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Shocker: Study Finds Fast Food Unhealthy for Kids

There’s an informative article at WebMD that examines a study of 13 fast food restaurant chains and how healthy – or unhealthy – their kids meals are. It should come as no surprise that they got a failing grade.

Ninety-three percent of the choices had too many calories. While that’s high, I found it a little surprising to see that less than half (45 percent) had too much saturated fat. I just figured that would be much higher.

fast foodThe article categorizes the worst and best choices you can make for your kids at some of the establishments they studied. Those you should avoid include Chili’s, KFC, Sonic and Burger King. Those with healthier selections include Subway, Denny’s and Arby’s.

The fast food industry disputes the claims of the study, but it seems they aren’t hearing what is being said. The claim is that most choices are unhealthy. But they dispute by saying that they have healthy choices. Right, but most aren’t.

Some blame has to go to consumers who make poor choices. But let’s be honest. If you’re in Burger King, and you smell the grilled beef and fries, it’s mighty tempting to skip the dainty salad that’s buried beneath all the other fatty sodium-filled choices.

August 7th, 2008