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We’re at t-minus 26 days until season 6 Biggest Loser: Families premieres on NBC, we’re growing just as anxious as you to get started. We also know that feeling of longing when the credits roll and you can’t believe it will be seven long days before you get to watch another episode. So, we at have come up with a bit of a solution.biggest loser logo

Sign-up today for our all-new Biggest Loser Update Newsletter. We’ll deliver it once a week, and fill it will all the juicy Biggest Loser news and info you can handle.

Features you can look forward to seeing each week:

  • Weekly episode recap from Bernie Salazar via video
  • Weekly interview with eliminated player(s)
  • Biggest Loser Club recipe
  • Photo gallery from each episode
  • Biggest Loser news
  • Tips from Biggest Loser contestants
  • Quote of the Week
  • Cry of the Week

It just takes a second to sign-up for the Biggest Loser Update Newsletter. Now you’ll just have to wait seven days between each one of those.

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  1. Leah Peah says:

    I’m signing up right now. Thanks for doing this! Can’t wait!!

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