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Don’t Overlook Lunch with Back to School Plans

It’s approaching back to school time, so have you though about your child’s (or children’s) lunch?  It’s sad to say, but for the most part our school’s cafeteria food is extremely lagging in terms of providing healthy, nutritious meals.  Even more upsetting is the fact that little can be done to improve these meals… simply put, it comes down to budgets and money.

lunch boxI do have good news!  Packing your child’s lunch can help guarantee your child is receiving a healthy meal that will help them stay focused and be motivated at school.  Same rules apply here for your child as they do for you: limit the amount of processed foods (packaged cookies, chips, etc) you provide, pack water, milk, or 100% juice instead of soda, provide plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and make sandwiches on whole grain/whole wheat bread.

Make it a group effort; you and your child can make the lunches together as part of your nightly routine before bed.  That way your child has a say in the foods he/she will eat, you provide education to why eating a healthy diet is important (and lead by example!). It allows for some extra bonding time, and you are laying the foundation for your child’s health and their future food choices.

August 4th, 2008