Courtney’s Healthy Back to School Recipes from WGN

“It all starts and ends with your mind,” Courtney Crozier said on WGN’s Mid-Day News this morning. “If you don’t change your mind you’re not going to change. The moment that you do change your mind everything in your life gets better.”

Down more than 230 pounds since her journey began well before her time on Biggest Loser 11, Courtney is living proof that small changes add up to major changes.

Watch her appearance on WGN’s Mid-Day News to learn some of her favorite ways to keep hunger at bay with healthy snacks. These are all perfect to keep in mind as the kids head back to school. Whether packing their lunch, yours, or trying to get breakfast done in a hurry, these are healthy ways to stay full, satisfied, and give your body what it needs to perform.

Click here to watch the video and get the back to school recipes from Courtney.

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