How to Eat Healthy on a Cruise

Guest blogger, Vicki L. VanArsdale is a freelance writer, certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. By adopting a healthy and active lifestyle, she has lost 100 lbs. Her mission is to motivate and inspire people through her actions and words. Get healthy from the inside, out is her motto. Learn more on Vicki’s blog.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise you know all about the midnight buffet and endless food choices:  pizza, burgers, breakfast, lunch, ice-cream, multiple-course dinners, decadent desserts and alcohol. No matter what you’re craving, you can probably find it.

So, how can you eat healthy on a cruise? Don’t panic. It is possible. But it’s up to you to make those healthy food choices. 

I just returned from a cruise vacation where I had to navigate my way through buffets of tortes and tortellini. Here are my tips and suggestions for how to eat three healthy meals and not go overboard while on board.

Breakfast: You can usually find a wide variety of fresh fruits, plain oatmeal or other high-fiber cereal, and even non-fat or low-fat yogurt. Add nuts and seeds, peanut butter or fresh fruit to your cereal or yogurt for a healthy punch. Other healthy breakfast options include hard-boiled eggs and grilled tomatoes.

Lunch: You can make a huge salad with mixed greens, all kinds of vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, nuts and seeds, kidney beans or chickpeas. Use olive oil and vinegar on the side and have fresh fruit for dessert. You can also add a small, whole-grain roll if you need something starchy.

Dinner: You can choose from numerous entrees, appetizers, salads and desserts.You can have as much as you want. So here is where a little willpower comes in. Focus on lean protein such as fish, chicken breast or a lean cut of beef. Choose dishes that offer a lot of fresh vegetables, not covered in any kind of sauce. Enjoy a glass of wine if you want, but skip the dinner rolls. If you have a sweet tooth, like me, enjoy dessert every night. After all, you’re on vacation!

Just remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day and to exercise. Skip the elevators and use the stairs as much as possible. You’ll get extra exercise just by walking around the ship. If you skip the midnight buffet you can save yourself at least 500 extra calories.
Bon voyage!

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