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Bread Crust Will Curl Your Hair and Other Food Myths

Getting your kids to eat a healthy meal is often a struggle. You can’t blame a parent for resorting to a little trickery. We’ve all done it. I pride myself on serving fresh, whole foods and always telling my kids the truth about foods; what’s in them, what’s not, why this food is better than another for your body. But I’m also guilty of some fibbing or well-intentioned browbeating in the name of good health.

  • Eat the crusts of your bread – it will curl your hair – Absolutely untrue, although I tried for years and actually volunteered to eat my curly headed sister’s crusts.

  • Of course you have to eat the skin of the potato/carrot/cucumber! That is where the vitamins are – There is truth to this, as the skins of many vegetables contain the vitamins.
  • If you eat watermelon seeds, a melon will grow in your belly and out your mouth – Completely not true, as the seeds will pass harmlessly, but I can tell you that I lived in fear of this every time I ate watermelon.
  • Eating fish will make you smart – Another one grounded in truth, as the brain is largely composed of fat and it needs EPA and DHA to function correctly.
  • Beets will put hair on your chest – My own parents used this one to try to get me to eat beets, my most hated food. Why would I want hair on my chest?
  • Spinach will make you strong – Originally selected because it was thought to be much higher in iron than it is. It’s been long touted thanks to Popeye.

What can you add to the list?

July 22nd, 2010