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Tighten Up That Bra Line For Summer Time

I have put together a work-out routine to target the upper and lower back as well as that bra line area. Each exercise should consist of two sets of 20-30 repetitions depending on the weight used. I recommend a light to medium weight.

Lat Pull-downs
cable lat pulldown weight training
incline cable lat pulldown with medium overhand grip

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

Seated Rows
cable row weight training
seated cable row with medium neutral grip

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

Low Back Extension
hyperextension machine back extension weight training
back extension on machine with arms across chest

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

One-Arm Row
bench, dumbbell row weight training
1 arm rear shoulder dumbbell row leaning on bench

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

Rear Deltoid Row
dumbbell, table row weight training
rear shoulder dumbbell row on table

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

Finish with an assisted pull-up and push-up super-set (Do as many reps as you can: even if it is only a few).

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June 10th, 2008

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