One Ah Ha Moment Leads to a New Healthy Lifestyle

Anda T. writes about her weight loss struggles, victories and every day life at She also runs in her spare time when not chasing a toddler, cooking, cleaning, working and trying to take over the world.

Most people have an ah-ha moment when they’re ready to lose weight. It can be a small, private moment- something that clicks in their mind and says it’s time to do something. Or it can be something big, something that shocks you into action.

I was not alone with my ah-ha moment. I watched mine on my television, surrounded by friends and family.

We had settled down to watch some movies from my son’s baby days on our big television. Halfway through, my son (in his first walker) careened across the screen. Gleefully shrieking, he got to the front door and stopped. He was grunting for a kick-start and I saw myself cross the screen. My entire backside took up the television. My. Entire. Backside. As I grabbed his walker and brought him back to a clear spot on the movie, I turned and asked my husband what the rasping noise was in the background. He was as gentle as possible, but the sentence struck so completely that I will never forget it. “Honey, that’s you. You’re breathing.”

My world narrowed to pinpricks. That awful sound was me. That was me trying to breathe. All the things that I had attributed to being pregnant or nursing showed themselves for what they really were. The crushing feeling when I laid down, that was my weight, smothering me.

I was fat. I was fat, unhealthy, and I was scared.

I made a promise to myself. It didn’t have a number, or a size. I had only one thing to strive for, one thing to fit in every day. Get healthy.

I started with yoga. Learning to be conscious of my body and learning how to move. I moved on to Cooking Light and calorie counting. Then biking and boot camp, and two years later from that simple mantra, to get healthy, 60 pounds were off my frame for good. I still have that goal, to be healthy, but it isn’t just for me. It belongs to my family now, too. We are healthy.


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