Does T-Shirt Promote Eating Disorders?

Urban Outfitters, the hipster haven for clothes and random knick-knacks, has developed a reputation for cutting edge offbeat t-shirts. They got in a little hot water for a t-shirt that read “Obama/Black.” There were a few other head-scratchers as well, and for the sake of our site, one had to do with health.

The latest shirt to raise eyebrows has “Eat Less” scrawled across the front. Now, this one may be a little less obviously offensive. But some people think that it at least inadvertently promotes eating disorders.

I tend to think that if it’s offensive at all, it’s being a bit offensive to obese people. It also doesn’t help that the company uses a model who just may have eating issues of her own.

But maybe the most offensive part of the shirt is that it’s not funny, which is what I assume it was aiming for.

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