Biggest Loser Resort Malibu Location to Open Fall 2010

During the nearly ten-season history of the wildly popular NBC program “The Biggest Loser,” millions of Americans have sought the same guidance for creating a similar lifestyle for themselves. While an estimated quarter-million applicants vie for a limited 20-or-so spots each season, show executives recognize a need for more access. Without actually earning a spot on the coveted ranch, Biggest Loser products like Wii games, online weight loss programs and workout DVDs offer more accessibility. For the ultimate in life-like Biggest Loser experiences, a trip to The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge is in order.

It was announced this week that in addition to the Ivins, Utah location, Biggest Loser Resort is expanding to include a Malibu Hills, California location, scheduled to open fall 2010. The resort, which partnered with Biggest Loser last year, has seen tremendous growth and interest from a global clientele, which sparked the need for a second location.

“We chose a location that offers a year-round, outdoor program so we can provide the same award-winning fitness routine already established in Utah”, says Michelle Kelsch, resort co- owner. “Malibu’s destination is perfectly situated in the green hills and just minutes from King Gillette Ranch, home to the Biggest Loser television show contestants.”

This premiere weight loss destination will have all the same offerings as its sister sight in Southern Utah, just with a different address. The Biggest Loser Resort is a results-oriented program, where guests stay for a one-week minimum, or as long as they like, and push themselves through a daily itinerary. Healthy chef-prepared meals are served three times a day and serve as the fuel needed for a schedule that includes hiking, swimming, group fitness classes and weight training, as well as nutrition classes and one-on-one work with counselors.

A bonus for true fans of the Biggest Loser TV show – Biggest Loser alumni are regular guests! Learn more about a day-in-the-life at Biggest Loser Resort in our exclusive interviews with Dan and Jackie Evans, Brittany Aberle and Erik Chopin.

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