Beth Ostrosky Stern’s Fitness Secret

Beth Ostrosky, best known for her sexy photos spreads in the likes of FHM magazine and as the wife of shock jock king Howard Stern, is also a judge on ABC’s True Beauty.

While the show has a focus on measuring people’s inner beauty, Mrs. Stern also constantly worries about her physical shape as well.

“I still worry about my diet,” says the 37-year-old Stern. “I don’t eat any sweets. I do eat big pasta dinners, though!”

Her secret must be her dedication to running.

“I ran the NYC marathon a couple years ago and since then I’ve run probably 25 miles a week,” she said. “I’m a runner.”

Now this is something I’ve never heard before – Beth says that she doesn’t like to listen to music when she runs:

“I don’t listen to any music when I work out. It distracts me!” Stern told Us. “I don’t even have an iPod.”

Beth and husband Howard Stern recently bought a beach home in the Hamptons.

“[We love to] take beach walks. We always take walks and fill trash bags with balloons and bottles that have fallen on the beach,” Stern said. “That’s our favorite thing to do, to see who can collect more.”

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