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We Love Walking Outside

walkingThis week, what we love doesn’t require that you go to the grocery store in search of a few healthy snacks, but instead, it’s simply an action that we do every day and quite honestly, should do more: walking.

With the long-awaited arrival of Spring, nothing feels better than taking a simple 20-minute walk on your lunch break or a¬†leisurely stroll after dinner. Walking doesn’t cost you a dime, but its health benefits are likely to do more than just keep money in your wallet.

We at DietsInReview are strong advocates of moving more and being more active every day. So we encourage you to lace up some comfy shoes, grab a friend, your pet or just go solo and head outdoors. And one more thing: leave your MP3 player at home and simply tune your ears into the sweet beginning sounds of Spring.

April 7th, 2009