Tune In: Kirstie Alley Talks to Oprah About Her Weight Gain


UPDATE: See the recap of Kirstie Alley’s weight gain on Oprah here at DietsInReview.

Tune in this Thursday, April 30 to Oprah as Kirstie Alley shares how and why she fell off the Jenny Craig wagon. In 2006, the actress lost 75 pounds after following a strict Jenny Craig, 1,400-calorie-a-day diet, but just last year, she was fired from the weight loss giant for reportedly gaining most, if not more of that weight back.

Two and a half years after donning a bikini on Oprah, Alley confesses to a huge admission about what prompted her to tip the scales again.

Check your local listings for specific show times and stay tuned to DietsInReview as we recap Thursday’s show.

3 Responses to Tune In: Kirstie Alley Talks to Oprah About Her Weight Gain

  1. Erin Nicole says:

    I hope she finds a comfortable weight for herself and just loves herself. She is a beautiful womam and it takes a lot to get up infront of millions and expose yourself.

  2. d says:

    She has lost alot of weight…its good she is keeping it up
    – check it out

  3. Working for Jenny craig as taught me a lot about “losing weight” and “keeping it off.” I don’t know if Kirstie followed through with the maintenance portion of the program or not, but I do know when our clients do not participate in the “maintenance” portion of the program, they DO gain their weight back. We teach you how to LOSE your weight on a low calorie level during weight loss consultations, but after a clients gets to goal it is important to transition off their “weight loss” calories on to “maintenance” calories. At the time, we also also have monthly maintenance consultations so that our clients DO learn how to eat their own foods and understand how to plan all of their own meals. Everyone think they can do it on their own but it seems like the clients who do not follow through with mainenance end up gaining their weight back. I do hope that Kirstie comes back to the program because she obviously saw success the first time. Sometimes clients will have lifestyle changes or stress in their life that effect their weight after they have already reached their goal, but when these things happen, it is important to come back to the center to get back on track again. I do feel for Kirstie! I am hoping and praying that she gets her weight under control because it isn’t healthy to be up and down in weight the way she has.

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