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Congrats to Biggest Loser’s First Female Winner- Ali Vincent!

See Ali’s reaction to winning immediately following the Biggest Loser finale with the interview live from LA.

Ali Vincent – Winner of Season 5 Biggest Loser from Diets in Review on Vimeo.
She did it! Ali Vincent told everyone in week 4 during her elimination with mom, Bette-Sue, that she would be the Biggest Loser. At the time, she meant the at-home winner, not knowing of a twist that would invite all the eliminated players back to the ranch. She won that weigh-in, and all weigh-ins since, and earned a spot back at the Biggest Loser ranch.Ali had two goals when she started Biggest Loser- to wear sleeveless shirts and to become the first female Biggest Loser. With unprecedented determination and hard work, Ali can mark off both of these from her to-do list. When host Alison informed Ali that she only needed to lose 106 pounds to beat the weight-loss giant Roger, the crowd went nuts inside that studio. If you’ll remember, Ali’s last weigh-in at the ranch was 99 pounds- meaning she had to lose only six pounds in the three weeks at home. One look at her in that knock-out dress, and everyone in there knew she owned that weigh in. Trainer Bob Harper was heard saying that as soon as she walked out onto the stage, he knew she had won. She lost a total of 112 pounds.Ali’s win is not only a major life-changing accomplishment for herself, but for women everywhere. A girl did it. She beat some very big boys. She serves as an inspiration to women everywhere that nothing can stand in your way. Ali continually said last night “Believe It, Be It.” It’s a mantra I expect to hear flying out of the mouth of women.

Ali Vincent Biggest Loer

Her trainer, Jillian Michaels, was over the moon with joy at Ali’s amazing win. She screamed “It’s a Girl!” And while there won’t be any cigars, she assured they would celebrate with carrots and champagne! Bette-Sue, Ali’s mother and Biggest Loser teammate, looked as proud as a mother could. With a beaming smile, she boasted “I made her!”

Congratulations Ali on such a tremendous accomplishment. Like you said last night, you might be the first female Biggest Loser, but thanks to you, there will be so many more.

April 16th, 2008