Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight: A Real Weight Loss Success Story

angela pattonNeed some inspiration to drop some weight? Look no further than Angela Patton, a 35-year-old woman from Indianapolis who lost 156 pounds through the traditional and trusted way of diet and exercise. Celebrated by registered dietitian Joy Bauer, her Joy Fit Club and Self magazine’s weight loss challenge, Angela once topped the scales at more than 300 pounds; but after being diagnosed with being pre-diabetic, she went straight to a nutritionist who helped her carve out a healthy eating plan.

She managed to lose more than half her body weight during the course of three years. Her diet used to consist of fried eggs and sausage for breakfast, two cheeseburgers for lunch and more burgers and fries for dinner; but now she swaps her heavy breakfasts for egg white omelets and lean protein like grilled fish for her burgers. She was also slurping down hundreds of calories a day from fruit juice and soda, but she has now switched to drinking plain water.

Angela’s story, like so many of Joy’s weight loss success stories, don’t involve any diet gimmicks, pills or secret potions. Rather, it is developing sound eating habits and a regular exercise plan that over time safely takes off weight and allows you to maintain your goal weight.

Here is Angela’s story in her own words.

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  1. Jellymummy says:

    What an inspiration Angela is! Seems there is hope for us out there – jut wish I could find the one that works for me!!

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