Valuing Your Past, Present, and Future

woman covering faceReading health blogs can be an excellent source of information and encouragement; however common titles like 5 Things to Cut Out of Your Diet Now, 4 Exercises You Should Do Every Day, 6 Ways to Get a Flat Belly, or 7 Changes That Can Help You Sleep can start to give you the idea you need to be fixed. With all the information available, I have a hard time imagining everyone is doing it all. (If you follow every suggestion posted at DietsInReview, I want to hear from you!) I often write about change and meeting goals, but what I want you to know is that who you are right now, today, is not only OK, it is who life has made you to be to this point.

The people in our lives, the experiences we have had, and the lessons we have learned have shaped all the details of our lives, including our daily habits. It is not always easy to live a life without regrets, but you must forgive yourself for your past choices. Remind yourself that you made the best choice that you could at that moment based on the information that you had.

On the other hand, sometimes we consciously make choices that we know are not the absolute best, but we do so to meet some need or desire in that moment. A silly example would be ordering french fries instead of apple slices at McDonald’s because you don’t want cold food. Sometimes in life, we make the least best decision in areas that have a greater impact on our life, now and long-term. Most people can probably think of a friend who dated someone that just was not good enough of for him or her. Questioning my friend’s decision could hurt our friendship; instead I try to understand that there is some reason for my friend to make this (temporary) decision.

Life has brought you to this moment. You have done the best that you can, and you are a person of value. It is important to accept who you are right now. As you look to the future, there may be areas you would like to improve or things you would like to do differently. Rather than feeling negatively about what you have yet to achieve, think of these things as goals. Perhaps accepting who you are includes the assessment of yourself as someone who is constantly improving. DietsInReview can be a great place to get ideas about how to achieve your goals. No matter where you are in your journey of growth, do not forget that you have value just where you are right now.

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