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Tune In: Oprah Talks Weight Loss with Valerie Bertinelli, Star Jones and Marie Osmond

Valerie Bertinelli's Bikini Body on the cover of People. (via

Valerie Bertinelli's bikini body on the cover of People Magazine. (via

Update: This episode will air again on Monday, May 30 2011.

This Wednesday, April 1st, Oprah’s bringing out the famous faces of weight loss that we’ve been following the past couple of years. Valerie Bertinelli will appear on Oprah to share not only her very public¬†weight loss journey¬†with the help of Jenny Craig, but also her amazing bikini-ready body, which graces the cover of People magazine this week.

Tune in this week to hear Valerie’s talk about her weight loss success, Star Jones’ first public interview about her 160-pound weight loss, and Marie Osmond’s Dancing with the Stars and NutriSystem diet and her lifelong battle with her weight.

While we all watch with fascination as these celebrities lose weight, they will open up about the reality of what it’s like to battle your weight with an audience of millions.

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