Live a Life You Love in 7 Easy Steps

Dr. Susan Biali, a medical doctor, life coach, and flamenco dancer, has written a self-help book entitled Live a Life You Love, in which she shares her story and journey from frustration to loving her life. Although she blogs for and writes for several other publications, this is Dr. Biali’s first book. She keeps the format simple with seven easy to understand steps to loving life. Although they are easy to understand, the ‘seven steps to a healthier, happier, more passionate you’ are fairly basic and what would be expected from a self-help book.

Dr. Biali includes physical and spiritual health practices in addition to emotional health suggestions, providing a well-rounded understanding of the many facets of a person that contribute to a happy life. Chapter six is “Look Good, Feel Fabulous: The Anti-Aging, Healing Power of Foods.” The appendix shares a sample menu, examples of healthy food choices, and healthy substitutions for every day foods. Physical exercise is not specifically mentioned in this book; however, one would assume that as a professional flamenco dancer, Dr. Biali would understand the importance of physical activity for both physical and mental health. Step six is Make Room for the Divine.

Susan walks readers through each step of her journey, rather than simply stating advice or lessons learned. Live a Life You Love is a short read and easy to understand; however, the pace may be too slow for some readers. Although it seems to be a fairly typical self-help book, it may be in a format that may specifically reach readers that choose this book. Those who have read Dr. Biali’s media publications may appreciate the look into her personal life. The biggest strength of Live a Life You Love is that inclusion of physical, emotional, and spiritual health all together.

If anyone else has read Live a Life You Love, we would love to hear your opinions and reviews!

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