Get a Smaller Waistline and a Younger Face on The Doctors

The weather is warming up and many are beginning to plan for summer. This Friday, March 30, The Doctors are going to explain how we can get our bodies ready for the new season too. This Friday’s episode is titled, “Simple Secrets to Shrinking Your Waistline.”

Many of us walk around with what are referred to as spare tires, muffin tops, and love handles. The Doctors want to share some all-new tips and secrets about how to eliminate extra fat for good.

New diet trends, like eating dessert for breakfast will be discussed. They will also be describing the little known weight loss tricks of the French. Discover how French women stay thin and learn how to use their techniques too.

The Doctors will also be confronting a popular confusion. Many people are very healthy eaters  yet, they can’t seem to lose weight to meet their target goal. The cast will explore the reasons why and explain what can be done about the frustrating issue.

While viewers are learning how to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet, the Docs will also address aging. While the market is scattered with age reversal products, the doctors will explain a new age reversal stem cell procedure. A new treatment that claims to thin out your thighs and fill out your face with the use of stem cells will be explained to viewers.

Tips to get a smaller waistline and a younger face will be just some of the great advice given this Friday, March 30, 2012. The Doctors airs on NBC.

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