Bus Stop Doubles as “Weight Bench”

How’s this for a brilliant marketing campaign for a gym: publicly humiliate your potential new customers, which (in theory, a very strange one at that) will bring them in to sign-up for a membership.

Sounds a little counter-intuitive, right? Well, apparently the folks at Fitness First in Rotterdam, Netherlands don’t think so. You see, they came up with the bright idea of connecting their digital bus stop ad to the bench, which then immediately weighs you and displays the number for all to see.

I often wonder when I see odd ad campaigns how the creative team goes about their presentations to department heads. Maybe it went something like this: “It’s a bit of reverse psychology. You see, the idea is to publicly humiliate potential customers. That will make them want to give us their hard-earned money, and join Fitness First.”

Um, something like that. It’s kind of hard to imagine it going any other way. Since the campaign was approved, apparently no one was fired. Yet.

(via: Gizmodo)

One Response to Bus Stop Doubles as “Weight Bench”

  1. mary says:

    I am anxious to hear how this pans out for them. Not sure that this the public humiliation will motivate someone to become a customer.

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