Benefits of Single Extremity Movements

The chest press, leg press, and shoulder press are all great exercises that target its specific muscle group rather well. But, what if only one arm or leg was used during each movement? By incorporating single arm and leg movements into your workouts you will isolate so many more muscle groups.

For instance, you are performing a body weight squat; which is a great lower body exercise (quadriceps and glutes). Now, add a single leg body weight squat; the focus is still on the quadriceps and glutes, but also incorporates core stability, balance, and recruits different lower body muscles to help stabilize.

Another great advantage of using single arm or leg movements is to prevent over-compensation. For example, a chest press is being performed and the right side (stronger side) of the body or muscle group is doing most of the work; thus not allowing the left side (weaker side) to improve. Well, a single arm chest press solves the problem of the over-compensation and allows both sides of the body or muscle group to be isolated more effectively.

Benefits of Single Extremity Movements:

  1. Improve core stability
  2. Improve balance
  3. Reduce over-compensation
  4. Target muscle groups more efficiently
  5. Add new challenge to the workout
  6. Useful for progression
  7. Spices up the workout
  8. Great for rehab purposes

Single Extremity Workout:

Below is a single extremity workout that is designed to improve muscle strength as well as core stability and balance. I recommend performing two to three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions at a moderate weight. Good luck!

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