FitDeck: Play Your Way to a Great Body

A sample FitDeck card

A sample FitDeck card

If you’re someone who approaches their fitness routine with a gambler’s need for flair and spontaneity, then read on.

FitDeck is a series of exercise playing cards that come in 24 different decks, all with their own focus. Workouts include FitDeck Bodyweight, FitDeck Navy Seal, FitDeck Senior, FitDeck Junior, FitDeck Yoga, FitDeck Pilates, FitDeck Stretch, FitDeck Prenatal, FitDeck Postnatal and so much more. And best of all, each FitDeck features ‘no-equipment’ exercises that require only your body weight to perform.

Each FitDeck deck is just like a regular set of cards; it includes 56 playing cards but unlike spades, hearts and diamonds, the card features illustrations and instructions describing over 50 different exercises, stretches, and movements. Each FitDeck card includes key information such as the name of the exercise, what muscles it works, instructions, and the ability level with suggested time and repetitions. While you can workout for as long or as short as you want to, performing the exercises in about 12 cards takes approximately 15 minutes.

All you have to do is select a card from the stack and perform the exercise. While it’s that simple, the versatility of the cards offer hundreds of different combinations for changing up your workout routine. Here are just a few things you can do with the FitDeck:

  • Cross train by shuffling the cards
  • Get in some cardio by opting for a “no rest” policy in between cards so that you’re swiftly moving from one exercise to the next.
  • Take a few cards with you on your way to the running track. Run for 15 minutes, take a FitDeck card and perform the exercise, then head back to the track to complete your jog.
  • Double or nothing your workout by guessing the color of the next card – if correct, skip a card – if wrong, do it two times.
  • Do 10-in-a-row by performing ten repetitions of each exercise no matter what the exercise is. For a better cardio workout, skip the rest in between exercises.
  • Cycle your workout by performing the first card at the beginner level, the second card at the intermediate level, and the third card at the advanced level. Then repeat the cycle.
  • Perform the selected card for one minute straight, then immediately go to the next card, with no break.

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