Fitorbit Offers Affordable Online Personal Training

So, you’ve resolved to get fit in 2012, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to consider one of the many mailers you are getting from local gyms, but you’re not really into working out side by side with people who are already buff.

If gyms aren’t you’re thing, there are plenty of discreet options to choose from. Usually we think of using the Internet for our dieting plans, maybe taking part in Weight Watchers or some other high-profile diet site. You may not have thought of the Internet as a place to get your fitness done, but there are certainly options, including a website called

For about $10 a week, you get 24/7 access to various health resources including a one-on-one relationship with a personal trainer. When you start Fitorbit, you fill out a form not unlike a dating site, explaining your goals and what kind of trainer you feel is compatible to your needs. Users also get a custom-made diet laid out for them as well.

Now the company has announced its Fitorbit 2.0, which includes a new USDA food logging database for members to track their food and calorie consumption. They also redesigned their mobile app that provides easy access to their trainers and diet plans. Lastly, there is also a new simplified logging interface with FitOrbit’s Progress Tracker, which monitors everything from your weight loss and calorie intake, to exercise and even your sleep habits.

“The keys to a successful personal trainer are being able to motivate and inspire clients by listening to their needs and giving them the tools to achieve real results,” says FitOrbit Founder Jake Steinfeld, best known for his Body by Jake brand. “Our 2.0 version includes newly invented ‘true-to-life’ tools in a warm, friendly and intuitive user interface.”

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