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Discovery Health’s new fitness challenge

In addition to providing us with worldly information from the comfort of our living room couches, The Discovery Channel is now helping you to get in shape for the New Year. Discovery’s National Body Challenge kicks off on January 5th and 6th with celebration events at four malls across the country (Alderwood Mall, Seattle, WA; Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL; Columbia Mall, Columbia, MD; and Short Hills Mall, Short Hills, NJ).

It is a free 8-week, fitness and weight loss challenge that will provide you with online and offline tools to shed some extra pounds, stay inspired and to create a you that is, in sum, healthier. By registering, you get a free 8-week membership to Bally’s Fitness, too. For most of us who are just beginning the cold doldrums of winter in our respective states, having a gym to go to exercise during these tough months is a bright beacon of healthy light this time of year.

The Discovery National Body Challenge may contain faint whispers of being the next “The Biggest Loser” but the program is far from the toughness, hard-nosed discipline and sometimes, humiliating features of the television’s intense reality show. With a medical team like Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Discovery Health Channel’s medical expert, Dr. John Whyte offering you expert advice, insight and sound information, the challenge sounds like a fun, safe and effective way to meet your 2008 nutrition and fitness goals. Good luck!!

January 5th, 2008