Create Your Own Yoga Class with the Asanamix Yoga iPhone App

Yoga iPhone AppDo you ever wish you could choose the stretches and positions that you do in yoga class? Or wanted to continue your yoga practice at home, but didn’t know where to start? Now there’s a great way to get the yoga class you want without being a yoga pro yourself with the Asanamix Yoga iPhone app.

The creators of Asanamix Yoga describe it as a “modular yoga kit” that allows you to create a guided practice that’s exactly the way you want it. This is an app that’s great for someone who is familiar with the basics of yoga, but still wants guidance for sequences. The iPhone app comes with two hours of audio modules narrated by yoga instructor Ariel Albani. You can combine these tracks with music from your iTunes library and arrange them as you like.

Asanamix Yoga come with two ready-made hour-long yoga playlists, but there are also many levels of customization. Not only can you edit the length of your yoga session, you can vary the intensity, avoid injured or overworked areas and make your own sequences. You can even create a personalized meditation to the music of your choice.

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