Courtney Mazza Attributes Post Baby Body to Healthe Trim

Courtney Mazza, girlfriend of Mario Lopez, gave birth to a baby girl, Gia, in September. Just four months later, she’s back in a bikini, gracing the cover of magazines as she shares her fitness and diet secrets. She’s now reported to be back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 113 pounds.

“I’ve always been in shape my whole life, but you never know how your body is going to react when you’re pregnant,” the Broadway dancer admitted, but added, “I’m proud to say I am back to my pre-baby weight… and then some.”

She attributes her weight loss to a supplement called HealtheTrim, as well as the incredible workout efforts of her boyfriend Mario.  “Mario works out like crazy and eats really healthy meals,” she shared with InTouch magazine  recently. “He inspired me to eat better and want to have an even better body than I had before Gia was born.” Mazza began taking the HealtheTrim supplement when she ceased breastfeeding and combined it with portion control and healthy amounts of cardio. She did cardio on her own daily and then  worked with trainer AnaMaria Amore four days a week. The trainer put her through her paces with an hour of circuit training, including kickboxing. The dancer loves her body now more than ever, reporting that she’s in a size 2. Her favorite body part is now her well toned arms, which she attributes to kettle bell work.

In addition to her incredible efforts in the gym, Mazza makes healthy choices in the kitchen. She can often be found having oatmeal or granola for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch and a protein heavy dinner, often salmon. She snacks on almonds or peanut butter, but admits to splurging more on the weekends.

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