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Coleen Uses BodyBugg to Meet Weight Loss Goal

Everyone wants to know… “What is that THING on your arm!?” You know, that “thing” that all the contestants wear on the Biggest Loser? It’s my BodyBugg!

The BodyBugg is a pretty simple device that is used to calculate the calories expended each day. You wear it on your right arm and it measures the amount of calories burned throughout the day. Not only calories, but steps taken and personal targets for the day.

I like to use my BodyBugg to help me reach my calorie “burn goal” for each day. This helps me manage where I am with my weight loss. A few of the things I don’t care for about it is that you have to pay for the web program (which I find very helpful as you can log your food and see a visual of your activity for the day) and that it doesn’t accurately measure “sit down” activities such as spinning and the stairmaster.

All in all, I really enjoy using my BodyBugg on my weight loss journey. I like the idea of having how many calories I’m burning right there in front of me, no questions asked.

January 12th, 2009