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Interview with Candice Rosen for The Pancreatic Oath

An interview with the author of a new book focused on improving the health of your pancreas.

Want to get healthy once and for all? Candice Rosen says you need to take better care of your pancreas. Yes, that little gland responsible for insulin production and digestion can play a very major role in your overall wellbeing.

Rosen shares her experience and research with pancreatic health in The Pancreatic Oath, a new book that offers a healthful and practical guide to eating and living in a way that reduces your current status and risk of disease.

"The pancreas is a little known gland right behind the stomach and below the sternum that produces insulin to keep blood glucose down," says Rosen to help us remember what we learned in anatomy class. She says that many Western illnesses like PCOS, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, type II diabetes, and many others can be blamed on poor pancreatic health. This is a result of increased insulin levels and the havoc this can create inside of our bodies, namely the blood stream.

This situation sends clear, evident signals that something is very wrong, and Rosen says it's "shameful not to listen to the body." In The Pancreatic Oath she talks about how the body has the "ability to heal itself if given proper nutrition," which supports her thinking that "you are your primary care giver, your physician is a secondary care giver."

While doctors are apt to give you medicine, Rosen reminds that these rarely treat the issue, only the symptoms. When you follow her guidance for food combining, not obsessing over calories, watching portions, and staying active, you'll start to see a difference in your health, weight, fitness, and overall sense of wellbeing.

"This is not a diet. It's a book about self help," says Rosen about The Pancreatic Oath.

In less than 200 pages she offers healthy living guidance that is easily put in to practice, as well as recipes and fitness that complement her 10 Commandments of Good Health, which include protecting the pancreas, avoiding processed foods, reading food labels, and eliminating sugars.

Watch our interview with Candice Rosen now as she explains more about the book, the role the pancreas plays in our health, and ways you can start following her regimen based on the Pancreatic Nutritional Program (PNP).

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