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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 7

It's time for new trainers and new teams at Biggest Loser.

This week starts out with the gorgeous Alison Sweeney telling the remaining 9 contestants to wear the gray shirts printed with their ages to their challenge the next morning. Everyone speculates about what they will be doing with these old shirts that they thought they would never have to see again. When they arrive at the challenge, Alison tells them to line up according to age (again!) and split up into three groups of three. It looks as though the teams will be split by age again, but that is NOT the case at all. This calorie guessing pop challenge will determine the new teams with new trainers!

Basically, there is a table of the three contestants' favorite foods from before and they have to guess how many calories total are on the table. Whichever person guesses the closest to the actual amount of calories gets first pick of their trainer. The person with the second closest guess gets the next pick, and the person who is the furthest will get their trainer chosen for them.

The groups are split like this:

Group 1 – Jessica – 1st place—chooses Dolvett; Vinny—2nd place—chooses Bob; Ramon—3rd place—gets put with Anna

Group 2 – Antone—1st place—chooses Bob; Sunny—2nd place—chooses Anna; John—3rd place—gets put with Dolvett

Group 3—Becky—1st place—chooses Bob; Joe—2nd place—chooses Anna; Bonnie—3rd place—gets put with Dolvett

So the new teams are the following:

  • Dolvett’s Red Team – Jessica, John, and Bonnie

  • Bob’s Black Team – Vinny, Antone, and Becky

  • Anna’s Blue Team – Ramon, Sunny, and Joe

All of the teams are evenly split and I think all of the teams are very strong! Truly at the end of the day, what matters most is the work that each individual puts in! Yes, a trainer matters of course, but YOU matter the most! I know getting split up from what they know is very hard, but making the best of the situation they are in and cannot change is all they can really do at this point. Anna really emphasizes that to her team after a rocky start with the three of them.

It seems as though the new blue team is not the only one struggling with this switch in trainers. John cries when he sees Bob in the gym and gives him a big hug. Jessica and Ramon miss each other because they aren’t on the same team anymore. Sunny and Joe don’t know how they are going to make it without Bob. Bonnie seems to be the only one who is overly happy to have switched trainers and she is loving Dolvett! She even has a breakthrough moment with him which we haven’t seen from Bonnie yet. I love seeing her happy and I hope this is the beginning of the new Bonnie. I also hope that everyone else can really pull it together and realize that no trainer defines them—they define themselves!

The challenge this week is a fun one! It’s a slip and slide challenge on a massive hill. The contestants have to slide down and grab one of the lettered blocks waiting for them at the bottom. Then, they have to take those and run back up the hill to spell out one of the three prizes that are up for grabs. The three prizes are immunity for one, $6,000 for the team, and a 3-pound advantage. Whichever team can get up and down the hill the fastest will get one of these three prizes. Watching this challenge is so hilarious because everyone has their own tactic to get down the hill. Vinny claims he is a water slide guru, which honestly he looks like it! Bonnie VERY slowly but surely gets down the hill once for the red team. All in all, I LOVED this challenge! The blue team pulled out the big win in the end (for the first time ever!) and they won immunity for one. I think I’d rather lose the challenge than win that prize! How do you choose who has immunity? The blue team decides to use rock, paper, scissors and Joe ends up with the immunity for the blue team.

The blue team then tells Anna that they have finally won a challenge and needless to say, she is ecstatic! Joe, Sunny, Ramon, and Anna also bond a lot and Anna opens up to her team about her life. It is a great moment to see this team truly come together and I think they might be my new favorite team as a whole! They want to win this weigh in for themselves and Anna SO badly this week.

All of the teams get to go off campus for their last chance workouts and they all get their butts handed to them. It’s great to see each of the new teams and trainers bonding though, after a rough start to the change.

Going into the weigh in, tensions are high because the new teams want to make their trainers proud and prove to them that they are in it for the right reasons. The red team weighs in first with huge numbers! The black team has even bigger numbers keeping them safe from elimination this week. The blue team pulls out the BIG WIN this week and I could not be happier! Joe, Ramon, and Sunny beat Bob’s black team for the first time ever, they won the weigh in for Anna, and most importantly they lost as much weight possible for themselves. They all look so strong and I am proud of every single one of them! Unfortunately, the red team has to go into the elimination room.

Everyone in the house gets to vote on who will be leaving this week and the votes are between Bonnie and Jessica (because John has immunity for losing the most weight). Ultimately, my girl Jessica gets sent home. She is SO strong though and looks absolutely wonderful in her Where Are They Now segment. She has been working out with the Pittsburgh Steelers! All I can say about this girl is WATCH OUT! She is on fire and there is no looking back for her! I’m so proud of you, Jess! Keep rocking it girl and keep on inspiring millions!

Until next time…much happiness, love, and HEALTH sent your way!

Xoxo, Courtney

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