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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 6

It's Halloween week at Biggest Loser! And two contestants fine love.

Halloween week is here! And The Biggest Loser seems to be getting very into the holiday. The contestants walk into the kitchen and it’s decked out in Halloween decorations and a dressed-up Alison (who looks fabulous)! I love her wig and the white face. Alison tells everyone that there will be a temptation this week. There is a cauldron of candy that will be in the kitchen all week and for every pound of candy they eat, it equals a one-pound advantage on the scale. The twist is that everyone is working together as one team this week!

As a group of ten people, they need to lose 100 pounds and if they do that, everyone has immunity and no one will have to go home at the end of the week. Each contestant needs to average 10 pounds on the scale, which for week 6 is pretty scary if you ask me! The candy temptation is there to “help” them on the scale, if they happen to look at it that way. They can eat up to 10 pounds of candy. Who knows if anyone will eat it?

I love that everyone is working together as one team this week. Even though the red, black, and blue teams have been divided since the beginning, having this “all for one, one for all” kind of mentality brings everything back into perspective that they really are all in this together. Each person went to the ranch for the same goal, which was to lose weight and change their lives. They are doing just that and it is inspiring to see! Bob, Dolvett, and Anna all get to work with contestants they haven’t had the chance to get to know yet.

Dolvett and John have a wonderful talk. John tells Dolvett that he has two adopted sons and wants the best for them. Dolvett then shares that he is adopted and he admires John for who he is and the heart he has. I love that Bob takes Bonnie and just kicks her butt because she needs it, especially after last week! Bob also had Vinny run at a 9.5 on the treadmill. All I have to say to that is that if a 372-pound man can do that, anything is possible if you just believe! No more excuses for anyone! I hope seeing Vinny run that fast and do things unimaginable, it helps YOU see that you can do it too!

The moment that everyone has been waiting for is the romance on this season that we saw in the preview last week! Jessica and Ramon are a couple and an adorable one at that. They have found love at the ranch and have changed each other’s perspective when it comes to relationships. Being in the little bubble of the ranch and being in everyday life are two completely different things, but I think Jessica and Ramon are going to be able to make their relationship work no matter where they are. I wish them the absolute best!

The challenge this week is of course in the spirit of Halloween. The contestants have to run through a maze filled with apples. They have ten minutes to gather as many apples as possible to place on the scale. If all ten of them can get 150 pounds of apples in ten minutes, they will receive a 5-pound advantage at the weigh in. If they get 200 pounds of apples, they get a 10-pound advantage! This all seems easy enough. The only catch is that if anyone is left in the maze after the ten minutes are up, they automatically lose their advantage and get a 5-pound disadvantage at the weigh in! Needless to say, the team really pulls together and receives their 10-pound advantage this week! Now as a group, they only need to lose 90 pounds which brings the average to nine pounds per person.

During another workout, Bob, Anna, and Dolvett all train the contestants at different times. Bob puts them through one of his infamous circuits and trust me, they are some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever been through. They then go to Anna on the tennis court for a cardio tennis workout where the sun is beating down on them. With barely any energy left, Dolvett puts them through another circuit workout. Everyone is giving it their all, but everyone is upset with Jen for not giving it her all to Dolvett. Jen also doesn’t say “hardwork and dedication” when Dolvett asks the entire team to, and that really upsets Vinny and the others because it’s disrespectful.

Going into the weigh in, tensions are high. No one ate any candy during the temptation for the week, so if the group doesn’t lose 90 pounds, someone is going home. The first few numbers are great numbers, and then Sunny weighs in and gains FIVE pounds! I know sometimes your body won’t respond, but I think there’s a little more going on behind the scenes by gaining five pounds. The 14 pounds that Sunny lost last week really caught up to her this week. The rest of the numbers are not as great either, and as a team, they only lose 38 pounds, sending everyone into elimination. Vinny calls Jen out during deliberation and it’s not looking great for her. I am not feeling the love at all during this negative elimination, and Jen is ultimately the one who is sent home. She looks GREAT though and has lost 102 pounds so far. I’m glad she is continuing to push through her injuries and all of the adversities! You go, Jennifer! This Biggest Loser sister is proud of you!

Until next week…be happy and healthy!!! Make this week a good one. Only you can choose!

Xoxo, Courtney

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