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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 12

Meet the final three after the Biggest Loser marathon!

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Last week was the final week on the ranch! Now, the final four are all headed home to see their families and friends who haven’t seen them since the beginning of their journey just a short 12 weeks ago. The changes that Becky, Vinny, Antone, and John have made are unbelievable and to be able to share it with their loved ones is such an amazing experience. Everyone is floored when they see the contestants and it is such a special and touching moment to see. I am so proud of each of them for all they have accomplished! It’s moments like this that make the entire journey worth it and make each of the contestants want to continue on. I know that feeling and its one of the best in the entire world!

The contestants also get videos from their trainers and reflect back on the entire 12 weeks since the beginning. My jaw drops when I see how much each of them has changed since then. In three short months, they have changed their lives. If they can, why can’t you? That’s what the question has to be. Anyone can do it! Whatever life change you need to make, set your mind do it, see it, believe it, and then just do it! Anything is possible if you believe it is.

Vinny had some HUGE moments in this episode and I loved it! He finally gets the opportunity to talk to his mother about the abuse that his step-father put her and the kids through. She is open and honest with him, but doesn’t have a direct answer. Vinny still tells her that he loves her and he is okay with her not knowing the full reason why she let is happen. I am proud of him for opening up to her the way that he did. I think the biggest and best moment happened when Vinny proposed to Lori! He rented out the entire Grand Ole Opry House for their date and proposal. I am so happy for both of them and wish them the very best of luck in their marriage!

The trainers visit each of their contestants in their home towns to help motivate and inspire them and also their families. Bob talks to Vinny’s older brother Shane and helps him get started on his own weight loss journey. It’s all about paying it forward. Dolvett and John talk about finding a balance at home. John’s wife is basically doing everything for John so John can spend his entire days in the gym. It’s all about finding a balance and I have full faith that all of the final four will be able to find that balance at home before and after the finale. Bob and Dolvett also workout all of the contestants in their home towns for their absolute last workouts with them…ever!

Now it’s marathon time!!! Not only do we get to see the fit and healthy final four, but we also get to see all of the eliminated contestants who are coming back to compete for a spot in the final 3! Whoever wins this marathon will be a finalist and CAN win the title of the season 12 Biggest Loser! There are so many competitors and everyone is in it to win it. And everyone looks BEYOND wonderful! They have all obviously been training very hard. Bonnie isn’t allowed to run the marathon because of her knee, but she is a fabulous cheerleader. Alison also tells the contestants that the first five finishers will also win a cash prize from Walgreens. Yet another incentive to do well in this marathon! Ramon and Courtney are in the lead and neck and neck for the entire 26.2 miles through the rough terrain. John, Jessica, and Patrick are not far behind them. Vinny and Joe both got pulled from the marathon because of medical reasons and miles 20 and 21. They did an amazing job for the conditions they were in! After a long five hours, Ramon wins the marathon!!! He is now a finalist and is in it to win it! My girl Courtney finishes only 3 minutes behind Ramon and did an amazing job as well. I am so proud of EVERYONE for finishing this marathon. It says a lot about what hardwork and dedication (Thanks, Dolvett!) can do for people. Like I said before…if you believe it, you can do it.

The final weigh in determines who the other two contestants are in the final 3 and who will be joining Ramon as a finalist. Becky, Antone, John, and Vinny all weigh in and even though it’s very close, Antone and John are the other two finalists! Vinny was so close to them though and I am so proud of him and Becky!

So, the season 12 Biggest Loser is guaranteed to be a man but the question is will it be someone from the young group and original red team or someone from the middle group and the original black team? Will the winner be Ramon, John, or Antone? Who do YOU think will have the title of the Biggest Loser?

Be sure to watch the season 12 finale on December 13th on NBC to find out!!!

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