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Biggest Loser 12 Week 3 Recap with Courtney Crozier

Biggest Loser takes on the NFL this week.

It’s NFL Week on Biggest Loser!! Consider me jealous. What an awesome way to start off the week…and not to mention MOTIVATING! There are huge contestant cut outs on a football field with giant holes in the middle of them. The object of the game is to get one football through your opponent’s holes to eliminate them from play. The prize is $5,000 and Alison also tells them that whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss at the end of the week will receive two tickets to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis!

Not only are the players competing against each other, but there are three NFL players joining them, too! Clay Matthews, Tony Gonzalez, and Drew Brees are there! Everyone is getting picked off one by one, starting with the NFL players, then the blue and black teams, and then it's down to the red team. They have to start picking each other off now. One by one they start going down until my girl Courtney pulls out the big win and $5,000! You go, girl! I’m so proud of you for beating all of those big boys.

Then we have our typical Biggest Loser workous. I could go on and on about the workouts because that’s basically all that you do at the ranch – eat, sleep, workout, and workout some more. The workouts look as brutal as ever. Being NFL week, it’s difficult for Antone because, although he’s retired, he’s still an NFL player and he doesn’t think that anyone looks at him like that because of his weight. It made me sad to hear that, but I believe when all of this is said and done, everyone including HIMSELF will feel like that title is still a huge part of who he is.

Also, Jennifer has been told by Dr. H that she is unable to do ANY weight bearing exercise until further notice. This includes just walking. I am so proud of her positive attitude through it all!

The challenge is of course football based. Basically, each quarter is 15 minutes and the team has to burn as many calories as they can in that short amount of time. The game is so close the entire time between the red and black teams, but of course, the black team pulls it out in the end to beat the others. The prize for this challenge is a spa day. The black team declines the prize though because as we’ve seen in previous seasons (including mine) spa days are not helpful to weight loss while at the ranch. Jen and I learned that the hard way while we were in Ojai and it ultimately sent her home. I respect the black team for declining this prize.

Then it’s last chance workout time! It’s the time of the week where you do EVERYTHING to sweat as much as possible to hopefully shed that last pound or two. And what could be better than having three more NFL players there to push you the entire time? How cool, right? The black team is first and they get to train with Shawne Merriman. He is pushing them through a brutal workout and they are doing a great job. The blue team got the opportunity to work with Eric Dickerson. I love seeing the blue team fight for their lives this week even more so than usual. They CANNOT send another person home. Then the red team enters the gym to find the one and only Tim Tebow there to kick their butts. I am SO incredibly jealous because I may or may not have a huge crush on Timmy boy! I mean, talk about SEXY! Not only is he training them, but he is also working out WITH the red team and I love that. Then he melts my heart even more and gives an inspirational speech to the red team. It’s hard to tell who is going to pull out the weigh in this week after those brutal last chance workouts!

After a hard week, Dolvett approaches Vinny for more about his “story." Vinny opens up about his step father beating him as a child and how he felt it was normal. I was crying my eyes out watching Vinny talk about this. He quickly realized it wasn’t normal. He still holds a bit of a grudge against his mother for not sticking up for him, which I completely understand. Maybe while he is shedding his pounds he can shed the baggage that comes with growing up being abused and forgive his mother. I have complete faith Vinny will come through all that he’s been through! I am rooting for him all the way!

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It’s weigh in time and of course tensions are high! We start with the red team and they pull HUGE numbers. Jessica alone pulls an 11! You go girl! The black team weighs in and they pull even BIGGER numbers. Jennifer, who could barely work out pulls a 16. I am so proud of her for letting her attitude get her through. Then the blue team weighs in and they have to beat the red team. They do it! This is the first week the blue team won’t be sending someone home. Mike loses 17 pounds and wins the Super Bowl tickets. Congratulations Mike! The red team will be sending someone home.

In deliberation, everyone is talking about reasons they can’t or don’t want to go home, and Patrick tells the group to vote for him. He doesn’t want to go, but feels that it’s right. Ultimately, the group grants his wish and Patrick is voted out. He looks GREAT and is doing wonderfully. He passed his police physical test and will be able to live out his dream of being a police officer now. Congratulations Patrick on all of your accomplishments. Your BL11 sister is proud of you!



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