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About Me:

My maiden name is Reed. I have 2 sisters, and you could say I'm the Susie Homemaker of the bunch (everyone else does) I'm married to the man who changed my life, Ryan. We've been together now for 5 years.

The goals I'm working toward:

  • being and feeling healthy
  • getting a six pack!
  • buying jeans smaller than my pre-pregnancy collection

I haven't felt comfortable with my weight since:

i was always bigger than my older sister and my mom, but i started feeling uncomfortable with my weight after i had my first child, then moreso with my second.

My favorite healthy food:

LOVE LOVE LOVE greek yogurt and salmon

My guiltiest pleasure:

Brownies, well dark chocolate in general

I'm inspired to live a healthy life because:

i want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Healthy habits that work for me:

  • only drinking water
  • skipping the 'junk food' aisle at the grocery store
  • switching from white pasta to whole wheat

My favorite activity at the gym is:

my favorite by far is weight training, i love kettlebell training, and pilates.

The accomplishments I'm most proud of:

  • my children
  • fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans