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The goals I'm working toward:

  • Losing 20 lbs
  • Losing 40 lbs
  • Losing 60-75 lbs

I haven't felt comfortable with my weight since:

Even when I was an acceptable healthy weight (never skinny) I was self conscious of my weight. It has plagued my entire life.

My favorite healthy food:

Grilled Veggies & Chicken

My guiltiest pleasure:

Ice Cream

I'm inspired to live a healthy life because:

I want my life to be healthy and I want my family to be healthy. I don't want my weight to trigger any future health problems.

Healthy habits that work for me:

  • Drinking a lot of water - limited coffee and diet soda to 1 per day
  • Now on the Smart for Life diet plan
  • writing in a journal about my goals, successes and failures, how to turn the failures into successes

My favorite activity at the gym is:

I don't go to a gym. I try to be active with my son outside.

The accomplishments I'm most proud of:

  • A healthy work/life balance
  • My career
  • My son