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I am an energetic and driven optimist who believes hard work pays off, shortcuts are a waste of time, and that a life is like a diving board; because every time I leap into the unknown I soar, I break the surface, I am immersed in the lesson at hand, eventually discovering how to swim, and soon reaching the shore of my next adventure. I am a writer of songs, corporate training, short stories and yet to be completed novels. While I enjoy writing, singing is what really gets me going. I do it for fun now and then and it always gets me all charged up. My parents are both musicians of jazz and the like; so jazz is in my blood, though it didn’t really find me until I was about 18 or 19. Today the sounds of Charlie Parker always fit the moment just right, and then there are the cool sounds of Monk and other jazz greats. Music has me at the drop of a hat, and cars have me at just the mention of them, I am car fanatic down to the nuts and bolts of my core.

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