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About Me:

200lb+ (5'7") woman seeking to get healthy again. Not high school weight, but 160lb will be good.

The goals I'm working toward:

  • Lower BMI
  • Loosing 60lbs+
  • higher endurance

I haven't felt comfortable with my weight since:

the birth of my first baby

My favorite healthy food:

steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of Monterey Jack cheese; potobello and avocado burgers, egetable lasagna

My guiltiest pleasure:

Cheese cake, hambugers, chocolate

I'm inspired to live a healthy life because:

my kids, and I want a dog that will make me run & play

Healthy habits that work for me:

  • walking
  • eating veggies
  • cutting back on the sweets

My favorite activity at the gym is:

step class, yoga