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I am who I am I would hope that you would accept me how I am and leave the judgement up to God. I love life can be somewhat a homebody like to spend my time with Bruce My Dad and good friends. I believe that you attract what you put out there in the world.... if you are a good decent loving person that is what you attract if you are a mean and nasty person and nothing ever goes right in your life I think thats the kind of people and the type of life that you end up having if you always expect the bad its going to happen..... that said Karma is a bitch in the long run and even if you think you get away with something in life it will catch up to you eventually. I believe that you can start over and be a better person if you really want to. Life is funny that way but you with all your heart have to want to change and you have to want to change for yourself and no one else. You have to learn to love yourself before anyone else will love you. Only when that happens will you accept love because you know that you d

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At the moment my favorite thing to do at the gym is aqua aerobics! Who knew you could work up a sweat in the water!!