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About Me:

I am 36 years old and have Multiple Sclerosis.

The goals I'm working toward:

  • Lose weight
  • Be healthier

I haven't felt comfortable with my weight since:

I have not felt comfortable with my weight since 2005 when I was diagnosed with MS. Since then I have been so fatigued and depressed. I am finally ready and motivated to get this weight off of me and become healthier!!

My favorite healthy food:

Brocoli, carrots, chicken

My guiltiest pleasure:

Ice cream

I'm inspired to live a healthy life because:

I am inspired to live healthier because I want to live a longer life and not end up in a wheelchair, overweight and depressed. I want to fit into my clothes again. I don't have anything to wear anymore.
I want to be the weight I was before I became depressed and gained 70 pounds!!

Healthy habits that work for me:

  • Drinking water
  • Reading and saying positive affirmations
  • Going to church

My favorite activity at the gym is:

I like the treadmill at the gym.

The accomplishments I'm most proud of:

  • Volunteering at the MS Walk.
  • Becoming a Christian and being saved.