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Michael Hebranko's Story on Oprah

Weight Loss Show Stoppers on Oprah

Guest: Michael Hebranko
Total Weight Loss: 3,000 pounds gained and lost over a number of years
Current Weight: 350

Nicknamed the “World’s Best Dieter,” Michael Hebranko has gained and lost 3,000 pounds throughout his lifetime. At his heaviest, Michael weighed 1,100 pounds and didn’t think twice about eating 24 pork chops, two pounds of bacon and three dozen eggs for one meal.

Suicidal over his size, Michael went so far as to put a gun to his mouth, but decided to put down the gun and instead pick up a pen and paper and wrote a letter to Richard Simmons. Richard became Michael’s loyal and encouraging weight loss coach, working with him to lose 700 pounds to become the Guinness Book of World Records winner for losing the most amount weight (700 pounds) in the shortest period of time (19 months).

Fast-forward six years later and Michael put back on 1,000 pounds. In need of medical attention, a forklift had to be used to take him to the hospital. Following another weight loss of 600 pounds, he then regained the weight and was once again fork-lifted out of his house for a second stay in rehab.

In 2009, Michael weighed around 350 with the pounds still coming off. "It's not about the numbers anymore," he says. "Today I have the same battle as a person who has to lose 5 pounds. We all have to do the same thing. We have to eat healthy, we have to do whatever exercise we can do for our body and we have to make it through the day and do it in a positive way and take care of ourselves,” he says.

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jaime martino

micheal your a great guy with a big heart and you have inspired me to work on self improvement. i dont have a problem with diet yet suffer from anxiety. i have panic attacks and work at staying calm every day. i think your cool. dont change and god bless.

posted Apr 16th, 2012 2:25 am


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