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Roll Up Action Phase Two

Pilates for Runners Workout

  1. Inhale to lengthen the arms over the toes. The arms should be parallel to the floor; the spine should be in a C-curve with the navel pulling back as if a seat belt is pulling you backward.

  2. Exhale to deepen your abdominal engagement one more time as you slowly roll down with control one vertebra at a time to return to start position. Be sure every vertebra touches the ground as you roll in order to optimally lengthen the lumbar spine. Resist gravity!

Perform 5-10 repetitions.

Tips: 1. Move with purpose and control. Let the abdominals do the work. If needed, bend the knees and grab the back of the hamstrings to assist in getting up until the core is strong enough to do it on its own. Focus on controlling the way down to build abdominal strength.

  1. Keep the feet on the floor at all times. Think of glueing your feet to the floor so that they cannot lift.

Make it tougher: Place your hands behind your head. As you roll up and down, be sure to keep the elbows pointed out.

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